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3 Quick Ways to Recover Photos/Contacts/Text Messages and More on iPhone 6

Sept. 2, 2014 11:25 am / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to iPhone Tips
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"How can I recover photos from iPhone 6? My naughty son play with my new iPhone 6 and accidently deleted some precious photos on it, is the anyway to get them back?"

To iPhone users, data loss is not rare. iPhone 6 brings you great user experience, but the data loss will drive you crazy. Fortunately, as data loss on hard drives, deleted data on iPhone 6 isn't really gone until being overwritten. So if you done the right steps immediately after data loss, there's a good opportunity to recover the deleted files on iPhone 6. Here are 3 quick ways for you to recover photos, contacts, texts messages and other files from iPhone 6.

To get started you need the help of iPhone 6 Data Recovery – the world's 1st data recovery tool specialized for iPhone 6. It will help you recover files lost due to deletion, updates, jailbreak, factory reset and other reasons in 3 ways: recover data directly from iPhone 6 without backup, restore deleted iPhone 6 data from iTunes backup and retrieve files from iCloud back backup. Now, let's see the details.

Notes: Any operations on your iPhone 6 can overwrite the lost data and caused your deleted data missing forever, so get iPhone 6 Data Recovery and follow steps below to recover lost files immediately after loss.

Method 1: Recover iPhone 6 Data without iTunes/iCloud Backup

Method 2: Restore lost iPhone 6 Files from iTunes Backup

Method 3: Recover Deleted data on iPhone 6 from iCloud Backup

Method 1: Recover iPhone 6 Photos, Contacts, Text Messages and More without Backup

Data loss may happen anytime due to any reasons, and sometimes you didn't have chance to backup them in advance. iPhone 6 Data Recovery can help you recover lost data on iPhone 6 without backup.

Method 2: Restore iPhone 6 Pictures, Contacts, SMS and More from iTunes Backup

iPhone 6 Data Recovery also offer a chance to extract iTunes backup you created previously and selectively recover deleted files on iPhone 6 without iTunes. So don't get panic if your device is not in hand or iTunes can't recognize your iPhone 6.

Method 3: Undelete iPhone 6 Camera Roll, Contacts, SMS and More from iCloud Backup

We know that iCloud also doesn't allow you to preview or selective restore specific data from its backup, but iPhone 6 Data Recovery can do. It will help you extract the backup for selective recovery and restore.

Done! We have shown you the 3 quick ways to recover photos, contacts, texts messages and more on iPhone 6. Any way, you can get back your missing files easily and quickly. And if you are Mac users (macOS 10.12 Sierra, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6,), refer to iPhone 6 Data Recovery for Mac.

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Recover Photos/Contacts/Text Messages on iPhone 6