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The Best Way to Remove iPhone 5S Backup Password

June 24, 2014 11:39 am / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to iPhone Backup Password
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iTunes is a good companion for iPhone 5S users to perform backups. It allows users to encrypt their backups and keep the backups' safety very well. However, if you forgot iPhone 5S backup password or you are required to type a password which you don't know from the start, what can you do to remove password from encrypted iPhone 5S backup and restore from the iTunes backup?

iTunes itself does not support you to remove lost iPhone 5S backup password, and it seems that nothing can be more difficult than deleting iTunes backup password. However, with the help of iPhone Backup Unlocker, a professional iTunes backup password unlocker, you can remove iPhone 5S backup password in iTunes quite easily.

Steps to Remove Forgotten iPhone 5S Backup Password

Below is a detailed guide about how to remove backup password from iPhone 5S with iPhone Backup Unlocker. Before starting the deleting process, you need to download and install iPhone Backup Unlocker on the computer where your iPhone 5S is backed up.

Free Trial iPhone Backup Unlocker:

Size: 13.2MB
Note: The tutorial is about how to use iPhone Backup Unlocker to delete iPhone 5S backup password on Windows. As for Mac, you can refer to another article "remove iPhone 5S encrypted backup password on Mac".

Now your iPhone 5S backup has been unlocked, you can restore your iPhone from iTunes.

Additional Information: Restore Your Device Using a Previous Backup in iTunes

This article has introduced you detailed steps of how to remove password from iPhone 5S backup file in iTunes. If you have other confusions, please write them down in Comments box below to contact us.

Free Trial iPhone Backup Unlocker:

Size: 13.2MB
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The Best Way to Remove iPhone 5S Backup Password
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