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Top 2 Methods to Fix Windows 10 Stuck at Updating

January 10, 2017 04:56 pm / Posted by Ruby Johnson to Windows 10 Tips
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Windows 10 update is available for a period of time but not all people update it successfully. We have heard a lots of people complained that the Windows 10 update gets stuck. If you are one of the unlucky guys, here we will show you how to fix Windows 10 update stuck efficiently.

Common Windows 10 Update Stuck Errors

Method 1: Fix Win 10 Update Stuck with Troubleshooter

There is a built-in troubleshooter that you are able to utilize when you stuck at upgrading Microsoft Windows 10. The troubleshooter is able to turn off and reboot Windows 10 update service. Moreover, it is able to clear Windows update download cache. Now let's see how to do that.

In the end, Troubleshooting will fix the Windows 10 stuck issue for you. Just wait for a while and restart Windows 10, run Windows again. Remember that this method is not applied to every computer. If this measure doesn't work, try to take advantage of Method 2.

Method 2: Fix Win 10 Update Stuck with Windows Boot Genius

In order to fix Windows 10 update stuck, you can also try to make use of Windows Boot Genius, which is a practical Windows system error solving tool. With this wonderful program, you are capable of easily coping with problems like Windows update stuck, black screen of death, blue screen, freezing loading bar, unexpected system corruption, etc.

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Thanks for reading my information about how to fix Windows 10 update stuck within 3 methods. Please let me know if you've had success fixing Windows 10 update stuck using a measure I don't have included in the troubleshooting above. I'd be pleased to include it this tutorial.

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How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck at Updating