How to Find Windows 8 Homegroup Password

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How to find Windows 8 homegroup password

The Homegroup feature was first introduced in Windows 7. A homegroup is a group of PCs on a home network that can share devices (such as printers), and libraries (such as your Documents, Pictures, Music, and Video libraries).It lets you easily share files and printers between other machines on your network.

Microsoft has included the Homegroup feature in Windows 8 too. When you set up a PC with Windows 8 a homegroup is created automatically. You also can join a homegroup already exists on your home network. Your homegroup is protected with a password and if you join a Homegroup from a Windows 8 machine, you are prompted for a password.

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How to Find My Windows 8 Homegroup Password?

Forgot your Windows 8 homegroup password? You can find Windows 8 homegroup password in Control Panel on a computer that's part of the homegroup if you forgot your homegroup password.

1. Open your "Control Panel" and typing homegroup in the search box, and then click "HomeGroup".

2. Click View or print the homegroup password.

Sometimes you may receive an error message when you try to print your Windows 8 homegroup password. In this occasion, you can select the password and right-click it and then click Copy; or type the password into a new document; or temporarily set Internet Explorer 8 as your default browser and try printing the password.

How to Change My Homegroup Password?

For security reasons, you need to change your homegroup password after using the current one for several months. Following I will show you how to change your homegroup password in Windows 8. Remember that you must be signed in as an administrator to be able to change the homegroup password.

  • 1. Open "Control Panel" and click the "HomeGroup".
  • 2. Click on the "Change the password" link.
  • 3. Click "Yes" if being prompted by UAC.
  • 4. Click "Change the Password".
  • 5. Enter your new password for your homegroup or you can click on the refresh arrows to generate a new random password. Once you finished, click on "Next.
  • 6. Write down and/or print this homegroup password, and click/tap on Finish.

Now your homegroup password has been changed successfully. Next time users on the other PCs that are joined to the homegroup try to access the homegroup, they will have to type in the new homegroup password first. If you forgot your Windows 8 homegroup password, just find it in the Control Panel. And if you forgot Windows 8 login password, just move your fingers to download Windows Password Recovery Tool, the most professional tool to help you reset Windows 8 password.

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