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Windows Care Genius is an all-in-one utility designed to take care of your PC every day. As a comprehensive Windows care utility, it includes PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tuneup, Privacy Protector, and System Monitor.

The following tutorial shows how to use Windows Care Genius step by step.

PC Checkup

PC Checkup is mainly aimed at rating your PC and showing its health state. You can then fix it with one click to speed up your PC.

Step 1. Firstly, click "Checkup" button, then the software will automatically find the potential security problems.

scan pc

Step 2. After the scanning is finished, you will see the whole health state of your PC showing with score 0 to 10. Click "Fix" button to starting fixing all these problems in one click.

fix pc problems

Step 3. After the fixing process, PC cleanup is complete, and you will see your PC get the highest mark 10, which means your computer is at its peak performance now.

fix finish

System Cleaner

System Cleaner cleans invalid registry entries, useless files, download history, browsing history, form history, invalid shortcuts, traces, cache, cookies, passwords, Windows components, files with specific extensions and slims down your system.

  • Registry Cleaner
    The registry will keep growing when you use Windows, so does the obsolete items in the registry, which will eventually lead to performance degradation and system crash. Registry Cleaner will be able to find and clean registry junks. Click "Scan" button to begin.

    scan registry

    After scan is finished, select those you want to clean and click on "Clean".

    clean entry

  • Common Cleaner
    Common Cleaner is able to clean useless files and traces in computer, including downloaded history, browsing history, form history, invalid shortcuts, traces, caches, cookies, etc. Same as Registry cleaning, click on "Scan" button to start an instant scanning and then click "Clean" will remove junk files you don't need.

    common cleaner

  • Advanced Cleaner
    Advanced cleaner will clear more useless files with specific extensions on specified drives. In "Advanced Settings", you can select files with specific attributions to clean later.

    advanced cleaner

  • System Slimming
    Downloaded installation files, installer baseline cache, IME, help files, wallpaper files, sample music, pictures, and videos of Windows will be found and removed in System Slimming, so that more disk space will be freed up.

    slim down system

  • Big Files Manager
    Big Files Manager helps search and delete bulk files, in which way it releases more disk space for your computer and keeps it at better performance. You can either choose all disks for searching by default or just select the one you want to search.

    clean big files

System Tuneup

System Tuneup can improve the speed of your network and system. You can optimize your Windows system, defragment your disk fragments and registry, manage Windows startup and services, and manage Windows context menu.

  • System Optimizer
    If you have never optimize your system, System Optimizer will help you speed up your PC's startup and shutdown, improve system stability, accelerate internet and system processing. Click "Optimize" button to start optimizing system quickly.

    optimize system

  • Disk Defrag
    Fragmentation makes your hard disk do extra work, which slows down your computer. The Disk Defrag feature can rearrange fragmented data so your disks and drives can work more efficiently.
    This process may take a little longer. Please select "shut down after defrag" if you don't want to wait. Then the program will shut itself down automatically after it finishes the process.

    defragment disks

  • Registry Defrag
    Registry Defrag analyzes and then compresses your redundant registry fragments. Please save your work before registry defrag because your computer will lose response for a few minutes during registry analysis. The program will reboot your computer after the defrag.

    defragment registry

  • Startup Manager
    With Startup Manager, you are allowed to disable some unnecessary startup programs, so that your PC boot speed is accelerated.
    Slide the button next the file type to OFF if you don't want to disable it when computer boots up.


    manage startup


    manage services

    Records: You can restore all startup items that you have closed.


  • Context Menu
    Context Menu offers a sample way to manage Windows context menu (right-click menu).

    manage context menu

Privacy Protector

Privacy Protector helps protect your privacy from leaking out.

  • Privacy Eraser
    The feature of Privacy Eraser will erase all your browsing history of pictures, movies, accessed files and visited pages. It will automatically list all privacy risks and you can click "Clean" to delete.

    erase privacy

  • Disk Eraser
    Disk Eraser is aimed at completely removing deleted files in case it would be recovered by some data recovery software.
    You can choose the passes (1 pass, 3 passes, 7 passes, and 35 passes) you want to erase. The more you erase your disk, the higher your disk security index is. If it takes too long to erase your disk, you can "shut down after disk erasing".

    erase disk

  • File Shredder
    Shredded files will be removed thoroughly on your disk and can't be restored by overwriting their original space.
    You can "Add Files" or "Add Folders" to shred.

    shred files

  • Password Generator
    Password Creator helps create a strong password and show the security level as well.
    You could choose to use digital, lower case, upper case or special characters and set password length from 4 to 30.

    create password

System Monitor

Through System Monitoring, you can not only monitor Windows process but also see the detailed information of your PC hardware.

  • Process Monitor
    As its name implies, Process Monitor is good at monitoring and managing the process of your system.

    monitor system

  • Hardware Overview
    Hardware Overview will display your PC's hardware information, including processor, mainboard, memory, graphic card, hard drive, network adaptor, and sound card.

    view hardware

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