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Wi-Fi Password Recovery is the top-tier wireless network password recovery tool, which aims to help you quickly decrypt and crack all kinds of Wi-Fi password that you forgot or lost, including WEP, WPA and WPA2 passwords. It can also conduct audits of its security.

Here is the user guide on how to use Wi-Fi Password Recovery to recover wireless network password.

First, you should download and install this Wi-Fi Password Recovery tool on your computer

Step 1. Import Data

Launch Wi-Fi Password Recovery. Click "Import data" and you can input data with 2 options:

Note: If you have previously saved project by clicking "Save project", you can find and import the suspended crack process by clicking "Open project". Then you can continue to crack the Wi-Fi password.

Import TCPDUMP file: First, you need to use 3rd party software to get the WPA capture files. If you have captured the packets, this option can help you import the captured packets to attack the network password.
how to use wifi password recovery

Add WPAPSK Hash Manually: If you have SSID and the WPA-PSK password hash, you can manually add the WPA-PSK hash to decrypt the password.
how to recover wireless password

Note: Create project -- If you import the wrong files or want to remove all the imported data, you can click "Create project" to create a new project to delete the previous data.

Step 2. Attack Wireless Network Password

If you choose to input TCPDUMP file, you need to select the SSID and click "Start attack" to bring out the 5 attack options. If you add WPAPSK Hash manually, just click "Start attack" to draw forth the 5 attacks. Then you can freely select any of them to recover the wireless network password.
attack wireless password

Dictionary Attack: Dictionary Attack is the recommended option and it can fast attack the Wi-Fi network password. This attack is intended to seek the possible password based on a dictionary. This dictionary can be the integrated one or the one you provide. You can go to Options > Attack Option to bring out the Attack Setting.
Press Add to add dictionary file(s) to the list, Remove to remove the selected one(s), and Up/Down to change an order.

You can also set "Ignore password" if it is shorter than 8 or longer than 64 characters; with it, the program will check only those words (from the given wordlist) that are from 8 to 64 characters and so copmly with the wireless encryption standards.
break wireless password

Word Attack: This attack tries all possible variations of the given word, applying even more mutations than in Dictionary Attack with maximize efficiency option.

Mask Attack: With the mask attack, you can check for passwords with the known/complex structure.

Combination Attack: This attack generates all possible two-word password combinations from input dictionaries, that is to say, it can test passwords that consist of two words, each of them taken from the dictionary (word list).
If you want to adjust the settings, go to Options > Attack Option. In the Attack Settings, click "Combination Attack", select the dictionaries in Dictionary 1 and Dictionary 2 fields (you can use the same file or different ones); and the additional options are: Check upper- and lower-case combination, Use word delimiters, Use extra mutations
attack wireless password

Hybrid Attack: This attack is similar to Dictionary Attack described above, but all mutations are set by the user. Here you can select one or more dictionaries (wordlists), as well as several mutation rules. The rules are set in *.rul files.
recover wifi password windows

Note: Save project -- If the security performance of the wireless network is fine and strong enough, it will take long time to recover the Wi-Fi password. During the crack process, if you want to suspend or pause the recovery, you can click "Save project" to save the recovery process and information.

Step 3. Save & Copy Cracked Wi-Fi Password

During the recovery process, the tool will present the state-of-the-art in password recovery, including dictionary, time, speed, password, and processor load. After crack is successful, the password information including SSID, Hash number, and password will be automatically saved in the Successful .txt (you can find the file in the directory of executive program). Alternatively, you copy the key directly.
attack wireless password

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