Zoe from the United States∣June 27, 2016

This software is excellent. It helped me find my lost contacts within seconds. And other files in my iPhone 6 are still safe and sound. Completely no damage to my iPhone and files in it.

Edward from England∣June 26, 2016

I almost couldn't describe my excitement when I saw the contacts (really important for me) again. Thanks so much.

Jamal from Syria∣June 26, 2016

I accidently deleted all contacts in my iPhone 6. Without this software, I would have to collect them back one by one. And it would drive me crazy.

Teddy from America∣June 24, 2016

I am a journalist and I took several wonderful photos by chance, which I planned to use in my next report. But yesterday when I was viewing them I accidently deleted them.

Antonio from Mexico∣June 23, 2016

My iPhone 6 was broken yesterday, and I can't see anything in it. What's worse, I hadn't back up it before. Fortunately, my friends told me this data recovery tool and it worked very well. Thank God!

Matthew from Canada∣June 23, 2016

Different from other software that I have used before, this one has no any advertisements and plug-ins. I trust Tenoreshare.

Li Lian from Singapore∣June 22, 2016

This iPhone 6 Data Recovery software is attractive both in price and quality. Fast! Efficient! Inexpensive!

Faraji from South Africa∣June 22, 2016

This is the first time for me to buy software on the Internet. I am very happy.