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How to Use Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker
iTunes keeps asking for a password protecting iPhone backup, that means you cannot restore your iPhone backup if you don't have that password, Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker is designed for disabling iPhone backup password. Follow the steps below to learn how to recover iPhone backup password.


Part 1. Recover iPhone Backup Password.

iPhone Backup Unlocker can easily recover lost or forgotten iPhone backup file. Just follow steps below to find your lost password to unlock iPhone backup.

Step1. Import iPhone backup file.

The program will detect and find directory of the backup file automatically. Click "Add" and then double click on the file you lost password from the drop-down box. If no backup file listed in the drop-down box, click Import backup file to load your backup file manually.

Step2. Select an attack type and define the settings.

Note: this iPhone Backup Password Recovery provides three types of attack: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack. If you can still remember something about the forgotten iPhone backup password, please choose a suitable attack type to minimize the search time and enhance password recovery speed.

After attack type selected, you then need to set up attack settings accordingly. For each attack, the settings or sets are different, seen as below:

Option 1: If you choose "Brute-force Attack", the program will try all possible combinations by default, no need to define any setting. But this attack will take longer time.

Option 2: If you select "Brute-force with Mask Attack", you need to click "Settings" to define the settings such as password length, character set and affix set according to the clues about the password.

Option 3: If you select Dictionary Attack, you also need to click "Settings" to move forward.

Here you can choose "Use Default Dictionary", or "Browse Dictionary Files" if you have a password record list file.

Step3. Start recovering iPhone backup password.

Click "Start" to start cracking the password, during the process you are allowed to click "Stop" button to stop the process and then save the project to continue next time or to end the project.

Within minutes (Seen as below), your desired iPhone backup password will be recovered successfully with display in the File Opening Password Box.

Part 2. Remove iPhone Backup Password.

iPhone Backup Unlocker can powerfuly delete pasword from your encrypted iPhone backup file, which iTunes can't do.

Step1. Select Encrypted iPhone backup file.

The program will detect and find directory of the backup file automatically. Click "Add" and then "Enter" button next to the file you want to remove password.

Step2. Start to Remove iPhone backup password.

Enter the password you just find for your encrypted backup file and click Decrypt to remove the password from your iPhone backup. Your unlocked backup file will be stored under: \My Documents\iTunesRecovery.

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