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Nick from USA | Apr. 3, 2016

Easy and simple to use! With Windows Boot Genius, I easily get the boot file missing issue solved. Thanks a lot!

Matt from Canada | Mar. 11, 2016

Easy way to fix black screen! When I pushed the "Push" button, a plain back screen appeared upon login. A friend of mine recommended me to use Windows Boot Genius, it worked really well.

Tom Clinton from UK | Feb. 14, 2016

Haha, I am so happy. Several minutes ago, my computer flashed blue screen. Now it runs as normal after I used your product. Thanks a lot.

Abbot Stock from USA | Jan. 26, 2016

Thank you for your help. Your product is so intelligent! When my PC kept rebooting, it scared me. Now my PC runs well. Thanks again!

Leonard Smith from Australia | Dec. 15, 2015

I love it! This program is so helpful. I am not afraid of the black screen of death any longer. Thank you!

James Harper from USA | Dec. 11, 2015

Thank you very much! Your software worked perfectly and the computer is now repaired and works normal. I was sceptical of the program when I bought it but I sure do love it now! Thank you again!

Wesley Bradley from Australia| Dec. 07, 2015

Windows Boot Genius worked fine, saved me a lot of time and hassle. It is much cheaper than to reinstall the operating system.

James Diaz from United Kingdom | Nov. 22, 2015

This program worked like a charm. Now I can get into my personal computer again! Thank you very much!

Jim Guida from USA | Oct. 17, 2015

SUCCESS! I was not able to open Windows due to blue screen of death. With the help of Windows Boot Genius, I can access computer now. Thank you! Sincerely!

Robert Kinard from USA | Sep. 05, 2015

Windows Boot Genius worked great! It helped me get all my precious data back. To my surprise! It also recover Microsoft product key.

Tom Daviod from Canada | Aug. 08, 2015

Perfect! Windows Boot Genius repaired my corrupted computer. Also thanks to Maggiena. Thank you for your help and quick responses!

Betty Grain from Canada | Jun. 19, 2015

Hi, I am very pleased with the work that was performed on my computer. You did a very good job. Thank you and the staff for your time and experience!

Kevin Derick from USA | Mar. 25, 2015

Awesome, when I click recover, everything has been fixed and I have repaired almost all errors. Awesome program! I will recommend your software to anyone I know!