iPhone 6 Data Recovery for Mac is needed when:

  • Deleted important contacts, photos, text messages, etc. by mistake.
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus gets physically-damaged (including screen damage), lost or stolen.
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus becomes inaccessible due to black/white screen, system error or forget lock-screen passcode.
  • Jailbreak or factory reset results in losing important files on iPhone 6/6 Plus.
  • iOS 11 update causes data loss on iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Recover up to 20 Types of iPhone 6/6 Plus Files

  • Recover media files including Photos, Videos, Voice Memos and SMS Attachments to separate folder.
  • Retrieve text files including Messages, Notes, Calendar and Reminders to .txt, .xls or .xml files.
  • Recover App data including WhatsApp, Instagram, Kindle, Viber and more.

3 Ways to Recover iPhone 6/6 Plus Data on Mac

iPhone 6 Data Recovery for Mac offers you 3 way to recover inexplicably lost or accidently deleted data on Mac OS X.

  • Recover iPhone 6/6 Plus Data from iTunes Backup: No need to connect iPhone 6/6 Plus to Mac. And it's especially useful when iPhone 6 is lost, stolen or physically damaged.
  • Retrieve iPhone 6/6 Plus Data from iCloud Backup: Selectively download the iCloud backup to Mac. And it won't overwrite the current data.
  • Restore Data directly from iPhone 6/6 Plus: Make sure iPhone 6/6 Plus can be well-connected to Mac. And neither iTunes backup nor iCloud backup is needed.

Preview and Recover at Will

iPhone 6 Data Recovery can do more than iTunes and iCloud:

  • Preview detailed info. like messages, contacts, call history, etc. stored in iTunes/iCloud backup which are inaccessible.
  • Selectively scan and recover your desired files instead of recovering all or nothing via iTunes in a traditional way.
  • Recovered text files (contacts, text messages, call history, etc.) will be saved as .xlsm, .xls or .txt file and media files (photos, music) will be save as their original formats

Back up and Transfer Data on iPhone 6/6 Plus

Simultaneously backup and recover iPhone 6/6 Plus data. And the backup files are readable and transferable.

  • Easily back up data on iPhone 6/6 Plus to Mac.
  • Clearly browse backup files on Mac.
  • Selectively transfer backup files to other devices.

Quickly Fix iPhone 6/6 Plus Stuck Issues, Can’t Boot, and More

iPhone 6 gets stuck in recovery mode during iOS 10 update? iPhone suddenly freezes for no reasons? iOS can't boot properly due to system files loss? iOS operating system file is damaged?

Don’t worry! iPhone 6 Data Recovery for Mac can easily save you out. It can quickly fix iPhone 6/6Plus stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, Apple logo, reboot loop, black/blue screen of death, etc. and provide an easy way to repair missing or corrupted system-related files.

Users of iPhone 6 Data Recovery for Mac Have Surpassed 770,000+ Worldwide.
The user evaluation

Thank god! I successfully retrieved the important contacts from iTunes backup immediately when my iPhone 6 got stolen or I'll burden a big loss!

-- Lillian from USA