How to Crack Windows Vista Login Password with 3 Feasible Ways?

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If you are trying to break into your Windows Vista computer when you forgot or lost its password, you actually have several options. To crack Windows Vista password, the ways we use today are not like those used in the past-system reinstallation with installation disc, send the computer machine to the PC repair center. Well, nowadays we do take some far easier and more efficient ways to solve the problem. Below are some ways, and you can choose the one suits you best.

Way1. Crack Vista admin password with built-in Administrator

You may be surprised to hear how people could crack Vista password even if he lost it. Here I promise you this way really works. This is because in all Windows operating systems, there is an Administrator account embedded with non-password protected and hidden from Windows Login Screen and Control Panel by default. After unhide this account, you then can use this to change your lost Vista password. Follow the below steps to hide this account:

1. Start computer and then press "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" twice at Windows Login Screen.

2. Type "Administrator" without quotations in the username box and leave password box blank. Then hit "Enter" to log onto Windows system.

3. Go to "Start->Control Panel->User Accounts" to change password for your locked Vista user account.

Way2. Crack Vista password with Vista Password Cracking Tool Standard

If any default settings for the built-in Vista Administrator have been changed, then to remove Vista password by Way1 would be infeasible. Then, what are the other ways? Well, you can try some third party Windows password recovery tools like Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard or Ultimate. To prove whether these third party tools work or not, just view below specific steps:

(Note: In this way, I take Windows Password Cracking Program Standard for example.)

Step1: Download, install and run Windows Password Recovery Software on an accessible computer.

Step2: Insert an empty CD/DVD to the computer. Then in the interface of the program, select "CD/DVD" option, then click "Burn" button to start burning the CD/DVD into a password reset disk.

Step3: Less than one minute, the burning process will be finished, just click "OK" to end it and take out the CD/DVD out of computer.

Step4: Insert the burned CD/DVD to your locked computer and set this computer boot from CD/DVD.

Step5: Start Windows Vista password unlock with the burned CD/DVD.

In this way, you will regain access to your locked computer without password in 2 or 3 minute later.

Way3. Crack password Windows Vista with Windows Password Cracking Tool Ultimate

Windows Password Craker Ultimate is another version of indows Password Cracking Program. Compared with its Standard version, one can use this ultimate version change Windows Vista password no matter it is forgotten or lost. There is a comparison chart of Windows Vista Password Cracker that introduces the differences between each version in detail.

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