iPad 4 Backup Password

How to Find Lost iPad 4 Backup Password

2013-01-07 5:35:47 / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to iPhone Backup Password
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"Omgggg! I forgot iPad 4 backup password. Btw, iPad with retina display (iPad 4) really kicks ass!! But……"

"I just did a jailbreak on my iPad4 (I've already backed up all the iPad 4 data in advance), but I want to come back to an unjailbroken state. As usually, I plugged iPad 4 to my computer, iTunes detected it, so it's time to restore from backup. And yes, I was asked to enter iPad 4 encrypted backup password of which I don't remember. Someone, please tell me how to find password to unlock iPad 4 backup file!!"

Well, don't count on the local Apple store to find the password for you. It's said to be an Apple bug. However, there's another painless way to find or unlock iPad 4 backup password: In order to unlock iPad 4 backup password you'll need the help of iPad 4 Backup Password Recovery.

iPad 4 Backup Password Recovery is compatible with iOS 5/6 and all versions of iTunes. It's able to recover iPad 4 encryption backup password, etc. iPad 4 Backup Password Recovery can solve your problem once and for all, hence enjoying great popularity among iPad users.

Free Trial "iPhone Backup Unlocker" to Decrypt iPhone Backup Password:

Size: 5.68MB
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Here's the 3-step guide on how to decrypt or find iPad 4 backup password.

Step 1: Import Key Container File

Download iPad 4 Backup Password Recovery and run it.

iPad 4 Backup Password Recovery will detect iPad 4 backup file location automatically, so simply click "Open" to choose the target backup file for iPad 4 under the directory.

recover ipad 4 backup password

Step 2: Select a Type of Attack and Define the Settings

Now you should choose from three types of attack to recover your lost password for iPad 4 backup. Choose Brute-force Attack or Brute-force with Mask Attack or Dictionary Attack respectively.

unlock ipad 4 backup password

Step 3: Start to Find Lost or Forgotten iPad 4 Backup Password

After choosing one type of attack accordingly, simply click "Start" to recover iPad 4 backup password. Wait patiently, it won't take long.

Within minutes, your lost iPad 4 backup password is retrieved successfully. Start to restore your photos from backup.

find ipad 4 backup password

After successfully retrieve lost or forgotten iPad 4 backup password, you'd better change iPad 4 backup password and keep it in a safe place to make the situation a one-time occurrence.

Remember, whenever you hit a dead end, turn to iPad 4 Backup Password Recovery for help.

Download iPhone Backup Unlocker to Recover iTunes Backup Password:

Size: 5.68MB
Only $49.95
Secure Download
90 Days Money Back Guarantee
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