How to Recover Contacts from iPhone 4S

The Easy Way to Recover iPhone 4S Contacts - iPhone 4S Contacts Loss Is Not Scared Any More!

2013-05-02 02:16:32 / Posted by Shawn Hamilton to iPhone Tips
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When we add one iPhone 4S contact in peacetime, we won’t realize its trouble. However, we all know it’s a painstaking job to create a new iPhone contact list contained nearly all your friends’ phone numbers when we accidently lost contacts on iPhone 4S. In addition, it’s always embarrassed to ask for phone number and explain how you accidently lose your contacts on Facebook. So we wonder if there is a tool that can help us recover iPhone 4S contacts at one time.

The answer is firmly yes. iPhone Data Recovery is such a tool. And it turns out to be a reliable and easy-to-use data recovery tool.

How to Use iPhone Data Recovery to Recover Contacts from iPhone 4S?

iPhone Data Recovery helps you recover deleted contacts from iPhone 4S in two recovery modes – Recover iPhone 4S contacts directly from device & Recover contacts from iPhone 4S backup file.

Just as its name implies, if you want to recover iPhone 4S contacts from iPhone 4S itself, you can choose the mode 1, or you can choose mode 2 to recover iPhone 4S contacts by extracting iTunes backup file if you ever made backup for your iPhone 4S recently.

Let’s see the steps of mode 1 to recover contacts from iPhone 4S without backup in detail in this article.

Download the free trial version at first and install it on your computer.

Download "iPhone Data Recovery" to Restore Lost iPhone Data:

Windows Secure Download Mac Secure Download

Then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone 4S with Your PC with a Digital Cable

Launch iPhone Data Recovery, and then plug your iPhone 4S into the USB port using your iPhone 4S digital cable. Select mode 1 “Recover Data from iOS Device” in the main interface.

recover iphone 4s contacts windows

Step 2: Access Your iPhone 4S into DFU Mode

When choose the mode 1, you need to enter DFU mode. With three simple steps given in the interface, your iPhone 4S can successfully enter into DFU mode without difficulty.

recover deleted contacts from iphone 4s

Step 3: Scan Your iPhone 4S with a Communication Process

After enter into DFU mode, there will be a communicating process with your iPhone 4S. Meanwhile, it is scanning your iPhone 4S data including contacts, photos, call history, SMS messages and so on.

restore contacts from backup iphone 4s

Please wait a moment for the completion of this whole communication process. It may take a few minutes or seconds depending on your iPhone 4S file quantity.

recover lost contacts from iphone 4s

Note: You can pause or stop by pressing the corresponding button.

Step 4: Preview and Recover Your Needed iPhone 4S Contacts

When scanning is completed, you can see a list of iPhone 4S file. They are all recoverable files. Click “Contacts” and all the phone number on your iPhone 4S will show up in the right pane with detailed information.

how can I get my contacts back on my iphone 4s

Mark your wanted ones, and press “Recover” button in the bottom right corner.

how to recover contacts on iphone 4s

In the pop up window, specify a location on your computer disk for your recovered iPhone 4S contacts.

Now return to your iPhone 4S contacts to see whether your lost contacts are here again. Is it miraculous? So download iPhone Data Recovery at once! It is the first choice to restore iPhone 4S contacts.

In this article, only recover contacts from iPhone 4S directly without backup is described in detail. As a matter of fact, iPhone Data Recovery also offers the choice to recover contacts from iPhone 4S backup file.

Free Download "iPhone Data Recovery" to Restore Lost iPhone Data:

Windows Secure DownloadMac Secure Download
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